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A picture of the owners of our affordable wedding venue, sitting in a country field, with a wedding dress and wedding veil plus wedding bouquet and a wedding tuxedo, heads together, eyes closed, for a magical wedding memory
A little about us...

We, Jeff and Heather, are a husband and wife team that: are obsessed with all things Marvel, love us some Harry Potter, have a soft spot for animals, and knew that we wanted to start a business of our own one day after working for a "mom and pop" shop when we lived in Maui.

 We are both locals from the area, who met at (and graduated from) Yuba City High School. With family “up the hill” for our entire lives, we have constantly visited and loved this little piece of Yuba County and wanted to share that love with others.

One of Heather's passions is animals and in her downtime she does volunteer work for organizations like Paws 911 and Pet Rescue and Reunification. She's volunteered for reunification purposes for: The Camp Fire, The North Complex Fire/Bear Fire, and The CZU Lightning Complex Fire. She also has volunteered at shelters in California, as well as in Hawaii. When possible, she is a foster mom for pre-natal kittens.

Jeff is a car guy through and through, loves spending time in the water, and has been known to snuggle a kitten or two when Heather brings them home (even though he was NOT a "cat person" when the two first met).

Both of us are completely and utterly obsessed with our daughter, Laken, who teaches us just as much we teach her (if not more).

 Our ultimate goal is to continue to work full-time at the venue, sharing our beautiful property with others, while also spending as much time as possible with our daughter in the process.

Water feature of Little Dry Creek that runs along both outdoor ceremony sites
A little about the property…

The 5.5 acres that make up Laken Oaks hosts “Old Marysville Road” as its drive-way entrance. It is riparian forest land with year-round flowing, Little Dry Creek running throughout the entire property. The creek has been found to have trinkets in it tying to the wagon train that used to come through the area and during certain times of the year, beautiful salmon can still be found in it, splashing up the rapids, making their way to their spawning grounds. The “oaks” in Laken Oaks comes from our ancient oak trees that can be found all throughout the property, some of them dated to be over 100 years old.

The Laken Oaks Wedding and Events Logo for our Northern California Wedding Venue
A little about the name...

 Ok, ok, so you’re interested in how the heck the name “Laken Oaks” came to be about? The name sake comes from the person who pushes us to better ourselves every single day…our daughter, Laken. Cheesy? Maybe! Honest? Absolutely!

 As far as “Oaks” coming into play, that one is mentioned above.

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